Construction Industry and Industrial Valves

The Connection Journey Between the Construction Industry and Industrial Valves

In a significant step towards expanding collaboration in the field of industrial valves and construction, Shin Yi Valve Corporation, specifically, and the Binh Doanh Group in general are honored to welcome a delegation from Bong Sen Vang Construction Joint Stock Company, a leading and reputable company in the construction industry. The Bong Sen Vang delegation had the opportunity to directly explore the production processes and tour Shin Yi’s workshops, witnessing the technological advancements and commitment of Shin Yi to product quality.

The Leadership Team of Binh Doanh Group—Shin Yi—Golden Lotus Construction

Shin Yi Valve Corporation, a leading company in the manufacturing and supply of industrial valves, recently hosted a significant event on November 3, 2023, by welcoming a delegation from Bong Sen Vang Joint Stock Company. Bong Sen Vang is a prominent name in the construction industry, renowned for its diverse project portfolio encompassing design and construction, MEP systems, general construction contracting, as well as industrial, infrastructure, and civil projects. The delegation visited our manufacturing plant located at Road 5, Song May Industrial Park, Bac Son, Trang Bom, and Dong Nai.
Our facility at Shin Yi Valve Corporation has invested heavily in modern technology and advanced production processes to deliver the highest-quality industrial valve products to our customers. During the tour, the Bong Sen Vang delegation had the opportunity to firsthand experience the various stages of production, from the initial design phases to the final steps of quality inspection. The Bong Sen Vang team was introduced to Shin Yi’s top-notch team of engineers and experts, who have made significant contributions to the development and integration of advanced technology into the production process.






The Leadership Team of Bong Sen Vang Visits and Experiences reality at the Industrial Valve Production Workshop at Shin Yi

Significantly, Bong Sen Vang and Shin Yi Valve Corporation have expressed their intention to jointly build a robust collaborative journey for the future. Both companies share commitments to quality and innovation in the construction sector, aiming to provide optimal solutions for the industry.
We sincerely hope that this collaboration will bring about numerous positive benefits, not only for the two parties involved but also for the construction and industrial valve sectors as a whole.


The Leadership Team of Binh Doanh, Shin Yi, Dong Yang and Golden Lotus Construction

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